Act sustainably. Be healthier. Save money.
Lead an example.

Effectify is a free app and website that nudges you to make better choices, tracks your impact and keeps you motivated.

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Pursue a healthier, safer lifestyle. Save money. Conserve resources and help stop global warming. Leave a better home for your children. Whatever your motivation, Effectify gives you a personal plan and transforms your intent into action.


We all have a busy schedule with little extra to spend. We know that. Effectify is informative, motivating and specific. At each step, you learn exactly how much to commit, and can plan your action accordingly. We set the rules, you set the pace.


The academically proven methodology of Effectify will engage you in green behaviour with minimal effort. You will start with just tiny steps, that collectively undertaken will result in big change. In the end, sustainable you will be the new normal.


Take the guesswork out of being green by following Effectify's simple guidance. Achieve immediate results and get feedback on your progress. Cheer each other on, or start a challenge. Discover knowledge and motivational content to develop your new lifestyle.

First Reactions

We tested an early version of Effectify on 300 people. Here's what some of them had to say.

Your own personal sustainability coach in your pocket

A good coach is always at hand when you need one the most.

Available in your browser, phone and smartwatch, Effectify comes in all shapes and sizes to stay with you and give guidance, where ever you are.

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Join a Movement

Things have gone bad for the environment Globally. We in Effectify believe in many small actions combining into a big change.
This is your chance to stop being the problem and become part of the solution.

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